Maybe it’s just because everyone is subconsciously slightly more paranoid because it is friday the 13th, but, -no? just me? anywayss… I noticed something for the first time today.
You know that feeling of discovering something that has been there all along? Like finding a secret new pocket on your backpack. Or stumbling upon a new, more direct path around a building you’ve been taking a class in for 3 months already? -still just me again? damn.. What about finding an artist on your iPod that you don’t ever remember putting on there. Josh knows what I’m talking about.
Well my story today makes all those seem average.
I was walking through the mall type place after class, (my thoughts wandering, as they do) just watching my feet take me home. My feet walk by an electrical plug. My thought process was exactly this, I swear: “Hmm, thats interesting. I didnt know there was a plug in that lamp post before….Wait a second. A lamp post?? Where am I?” Like I said before, I was in the mall type place underneath my condo building. “What is a lamp post doing inside a building.” Yes, there are weirder things in the world, I know. But still, You would think I’d notice something as random as that. I mean, I have been walking down this hallway since September 2008 to buy groceries every day. Twice a day I walk by it to take the train to and from school.
The whole experience was mind blowing, so I thought I’d tell you about it. Oh, and I have pictures to prove it.

For those of you that have been to my basement, these have been here all along right?? They can’t have just gone up overnight..
oh, and notice: I’m posting my 31st blawg entry on friday the 13th as well.
..ok, i guess i do have a mild case of Paraskavedekatriaphobia.
alex is having the same kind of day as me. well, yesterday. apparently he only really caught on that they were there a day before i did. and didn’t tell me.

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  1. Shane says:

    lmao funny thing is, I noticed those as well and wondered why they have outlets"ok so the lighting isn't too great down here by the escalatorok… How about a nice lamppost?alright, how about this one?No, let's get the ones with the outlets…"

  2. I had definitely noticed those on my first trip there last year. Taking in the mall and area I suppose. I was still baffled at how good the TTC was that it could bring you to this hidden mall. And that above the hidden mall was your condo building.Have you ever noticed the ones that you sometimes see in Sobey's?? I wonder if they have outlets too…hmmmmm.

  3. Josh M says:

    haha thanks for the link.that is the most random outlet, for sure. It's like modern…yeah…right?

  4. fyfedawg says:

    Shane – that is definitely how it went down. hahahahand Josh – i haven't seen anybody use them, and they are in such weird places, that i cant imagine what someone would use the plug for. So, by process of elimination, that does leave them to be modern art.

  5. aaronrgod says:

    Use them or lose them, Fyfe.You should go plug your laptop in there and blog on location.

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