Album of the Week #14:
Is it too ‘junior high’ to be listening to Bowling For Soup? Is it too pop punk of me to be reviewing Bowling For Soup? Am I straying too far off the amazing genre that is alternative rock when I make Album of the Week #14 Bowling For Soup? Maybe.
What can I say. I review the albums I stumble across during the week that I really get into. And if that means I make you read about cheesy yet amazing bands that I lived for in grade 9 every once in a while, then so be it. A little reminiscence of the good old days never hurt anyone.
Speaking of reminiscence, I was having a conversation today with alex about these good old days. These were the days spent sitting around all day playing video games, watching Friends episodes, and biking down to the Cochrane Movie House every friday for the latest Hollywood release. School was easy, and we’d spend half the classes either killing time on the internet or watching ‘educational films‘. Summers were full of some tedious job like testing to make sure the light blinks on thousands of little computer chips. And of course, we would be listening to music like Bowling For Soup.
We would look forward to the future, to when we would hit our twenties, and one day grow up from all this. But we are 20, and look at the parallels to now. We spend or days sitting around playing video games, watching Friends reruns, walking down Yonge Street to the AMC Movie Theater for the latest Hollywood release. School is easy, I spend all my classes learning about the internet or watching great film classics. Summers are spent doing some tedious job like selling popcorn at the Cochrane Movie House. And here I am, writing a blog about Bowling For Soup.
Maybe we’ll grow up when we hit 30.
Back on topic. Album of the Week #14 is called Drunk Enough to Dance. Of all their albums, I chose this one not because it was the one that put them on the map (ughh, Girl All The Bad Guys Want), but because of the songs that weren’t famous. Out the Window. Cold Shower Tuesdays. Scaring Myself. Punk Rock 101. Even covers like I Ran (So Far Away) -original song by A Flock of Seagulls. So many great tunes.
Originally out of Texas, the group formed in 1995. The peak of their careers to date was during the years 2002 to 2004, during which they released both this album and a follow up: A Hangover You Don’t Deserve. Personally I think these are the two albums that have most tunes worth checking out. That being said, every one of their CD tracklists has at least a few great numbers. Their style kind of goes along side the immature days of bands like Blink 182, but their lyrics always surprise you by a clever line here or there. link: Bowling For Soup
Album Singles: Girl All The Bad Guys Want, Emily
Dav Suggests: Cold Shower Tuesday, Star Song, I Ran (So Far Away), Scaring Myself, Out the Window, Punk Rock 101
Other Songs (on other albums): Get Happy, Sad Sad Situation, Down for the Count (A Hangover You Don’t Deserve), SuckerPunch (Lets Do It For Johnny!), Undertow (Bowling For Soup Goes to the Movies)
alex is having a thurs-day…. its wednesday.

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