In the beginning, food was ordered, drinks were served, food was cooked, and finally food was served. In that order.
Then people became impatient; the world got itself in a rush. So this order had to be modified to fit our schedules: food is cooked, ordered, and served –all at once.
This was the birth of the fast food industry. Food available right when you want it. Small changes moved it along by creating shortcuts in how they cooked food, what they made available, etc.
But was this enough? Is it fast enough?
You have to wait as most places make the food right after you order it -so its as ‘fresh’. You have to wait in lineups. You have to spend time explaining certain order details (extra bacon, extra cheese…hold the pickles). You have to take time to pay.
These (apparently) are still unacceptable delays. Society demands that these be eliminated, and food is literally in your hand when you want it.
Like most of todays problems, this was solved through the iPhone. The Chipotle application.
This takes care of all those problems I mentioned earlier. Before I get to Chipotle, I can tell them exactly what I want, tell them when I’m going to get there, and tell them my credit card information. That way, the time I actually spend in the store is a matter of seconds. Does food get faster than that? seconds??
I didn’t think so.
Now after that whole rant, I’ll be honest. I’m not the busiest person around. I am rarely ever in a rush, if at all. But purely out of curiosity, I gave this app a try the other day. I get off the train downtown, and place my order. After I spend the next 15 minutes stopping at a few stores in the eaton center, I make my way to Chipotle. 1:20 in the afternoon, the lineup is out the door. I awkwardly shuffle my way inside, and go up to the side of the cashier. I tell them I ordered online, and without missing a beat, she turns around, grabs a bag out of a warming drawer, hands it to me, and says “you must be david.” I stand there a little bit baffled, acknowledge I actually am myself, and thank her as I take the bag and start my shuffle back through the lineup out the doorway.
Unbelievable. I saved myself a good 45 minute wait purely because I was curious about this application. Sweet!
Well now you know. Next time you find yourself wanting to have the fastest food possible, and possibly the worlds best burrito ever, at the same time, Chipotle iPhone app is your answer. I know I will next time I don’t feel like making dinner at home.
Altho, making dinner myself means I can make my awesome green stuff.
Chipotle doesnt make me green stuff..
Mmmm. Green stuff..
alex is having a hungover day

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  1. Josh M says:

    awesome. That's rockstar material. Next time, make a big deal that you refuse to wait in line, that your "david fyfe and I don't 'do' lineups." barge through line and go up to the front and loudly proclaim "I'm David Fyfe and I want hot foot NOW!"you'll be signing autographs on the way out.

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