Album of the Week #13:

Don’t you hate it when people say “oh I knew that band before they were popular”? Well start hating. Because I knew this band before they were popular.
I’m sure most of you have heard of Cage The Elephant, as they have released a few singles that have been crawling over the charts for the past few months. But before they hit the radio, before almost anybody cared who they were, 26 months ago, I saw these guys in concert opening for Queens Of The Stone Age. 26 months. Thats back in the middle of 2007. (on a side note, that is a notable feat for my memory -actually retaining information for that long.)
After witnessing what I thought was a killer performance, I turned to the internet to find out more about this unheard-of group. They weren’t on iTunes, YouTube, Wikipedia, and as for typing them into Google, well, I might as well have typed elephants in cages.
Wikipedia now claims this was right around the time they signed with EMI Records, and a year later they released this self-titled debut album. Maybe it was just how I saw it, but it seems that this album took a while to actually get picked up and become popular. The music itself doesn’t hold any evidence towards this tho. Track after track, their unique sound prevails and slowly grows on you. It’s a strange yet intriguing mix between laid back and energetic, sounding anything in between Aerosmith and what is now modern alternative rock.
One thing I remembered from that concert forever ago was the song Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked. I’m pretty sure it sounded very different at the time. Darker sounding, slightly more structured and less free-flowing. If I had to guess, I’d say they changed their sound around quite a bit, experimenting around until people finally started catching on. And then thats when they knew they found it. The style that would bring them to the top. The style that kept them apart from the rest.
Well, it worked, didnt it? Check them out: link: Cage The Elephant
Album Singles: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked, In One Ear, Back Against The Wall
Dav Suggests: Tiny Little Robots, Lodus
alex is having a midlife crisis day. being 21 and all.

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