2009 is gaining speed on the slippery slide of time and disappearing into nothing, and we are being forced along with it. We recently passed the Halloween landmark, the changeover between month 10 and 11. Thanksgiving is a thing of the past, and Christmas is becoming threateningly close. But lets not think about that. Let’s just focus on the now. On Halloween.
I am first going to give my opinion on seasonal items being sold around this time of year. I know, everybody has an opinion on this, and its an annoying over-talked-about but stick with me here. I am going to go further than most of you, and actually ACCEPT that christmas stuff will be hitting shelves before halloween. Ok? I’m alright with this. It happens every year, so why complain about it like the weather. It’s just a fact. It is going to snow. Summers are going to be hot. Christmas items will be available before halloween. Learn to live with it.
What took me off guard this year, was when there was no separation of these items. Between the zombie mask and the werewolf outfit was a Santa hat. Between the gravestones and the spiderwebs are Christmas tree ornaments. It’s confusing. Are they suggesting to be Santa for halloween?? –actually, thats not the worst idea. I’m keeping that on a maybe list for next years halloween. Santa. Whens the last time you saw that?
Speaking of costumes, this year, the girlfriend and I had a interesting one. Dirt cheap too. A few dollars worth of paint, mardi-gras beads, iron-on letters and hair dye. Really simple. Yet, the result turned out really well. Especially on camera:
Unfortunately it didn’t place in the costume contest because most of the votes were made before we got to the party. A good night other than that. Had a few steamwhistles, caught up with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and I’m going to leave the story at that. The rest of that night didn’t happen. And I don’t know what expresso-vodka tastes like!
…what?? I said it didn’t! And I don’t!
alex is having a baggy pajamas day.

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  1. tom says:

    i guess ill bring some on the 20tho im comming on the 20th btw….if you dont mind

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