Album of the Week #12:
I’m trying something new for this week’s music review. For the first time, I’m writing a review by request, and not just because I was just really into the album this week.
–wait, thats not entirely true. Let me rephrase that. For the first time, I investigated an album that was requested to appear on album of the week, and because it was awesome, I’m writing a review about it. Yes. That’s much better.
I am also changing it up this week by straying slightly from my usual genre. I do enjoy exploring new sounds, but sometimes it takes me a while to get into them. This, however, was not one of those cases. Right away, it was easy to adjust to. Right away, the sound was likable. Right away, I knew this could lead somewhere, and I would be adventuring further down this path of music.
The band is called Ratatat. Their latest album, LP3. This New York electronic group (consisting of two members) has been creating mostly instrumental music (unofficially) since 2001. The laid back, yet upbeat tracks are well done and you can tell these two boys know what they are doing. The first time I heard this band was this summer speeding around on my friends boat while my family was house boating. There is no better music for days like that. Anytime you need music running in the background that isn’t demanding, but at the same time isn’t dull, this is the stuff.
That being said, here’s the link. Keep it running in the background. Ratatat is a good listen. I mean, their song Wildcat features the sound of a cougar roar just because it’s awesome. You know you want to click this link just to see what im talking about: link: Ratatat
Album Singles: Shiller, Shempi, Mirando
Dav Suggests: Falcon Jab, Mirando,
Other Songs (on other albums): Wildcat (Classics)
On a side note, the first single off this album is in my second film project. Expect a blog about it tomorrow for the YouTube link!
—there’s your post connor, thanks for the suggestion! oh, and happy belated birthday—
alex is having a non-day. it means there wasn’t an alex day. you can’t force days out of people. it just doesnt work like that.

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  1. good review.wildcat is on classics though. 9 beats is just untitled demos.

  2. ps. that last comment was a little douchey. i apologize.

  3. fyfedawg says:

    my bad. I was just going with what I had heard without confirming it. Thanks for keeping my facts straight 😛

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