As all things do, this started with an idea. This idea was generated from an assignment. And this assignment was: create a story line involving an exchange. Anything, anyone, anywhere.
So I start my thinking, what is exchanged? What is a common medium for things to be exchanged? Mail. Ok, cool. So now I have the basic structure.
Now, what is an interesting thing that could be mailed. Bills, letters, parcels…meh. It seems too boring. Is there anything abstract and intriguing, yet at the same time understandable? hmm. How about something that would turns someone’s life around. That seems interesting enough.
Next step, whose life could be easily and obviously turned around. Let’s go for the extremes. A hobo on the street, that can be turned around fairly easily.
All that’s left is a story arc, turning points, and follow up. Basically, asking the question ‘what if’ a million times until you find a chain of events you like. I can’t go into much further detail of this process without giving away the whole video.
so, it is at this point I shall present to you the link:
YouTube Link: Get A Life
The preparation of filming this was about the same as last time, but the filming went a lot smoother. I’m not sure if I was just more used to it, or if it was that I had fellow film student (Kane) helping me out a bit, or if it was just a more straightforward story, but it was smoother nonetheless.
Taking it into the editing room, I ran into a few challenges. First of all, the only sound recorded throughout all the clips were the few lines of dialogue. The rest of the clips were completely mute. no background noise, no nothing. I had be creative with my use of music to cover this up, and make it still seem natural.
The second challenge I ran into was lighting. During the costume change (rags to suit), the sun didn’t stay put for me. As a result, the latter half of the movie was much darker. To make it seem as seamless as possible, I had to go inside every ‘after’ clip and colour correct.
Other than those two little speedbumps, everything went fairly well. Some minor changes between script and final cut were expected, so that didn’t bother me too much. The music I had previously found, so editing that in was no problem either.
On that note, before I forget, I want to take back all that complaining I did about YouTube not allowing copyrighted songs to be used. All I had to do was tag the artist and name of the song in the video description and they allowed it, as long as I was ok with some minor advertising on the bottom of the screen. Why didn’t I try that earlier?? I wouldn’t have lost two years on my life from all the stress that problem caused me on previous videos. Oh well. We’re all gonna die anyways right?
Well thats about all I’m going to blab about for this project before it becomes boring.
…if it hasnt already…
……but then why are you still reading???
Make sure to watch for my next one in a 4 to 6 weeks. This time, it’ll be a story told in 3 acts. All in under 3 minutes. Hmmm…
Oh, one more thing before I go though. Are you tired of always having to look for my blog link on facebook or twitter, and you don’t have it set up as an RRS feed? I now give you an easier solution. On the right side, I have installed a widget that allows you to have my blogs sent to you by email! How awesome is that? –Well, i guess that depends on the magnitude of which you find my blog entertaining or interesting.
…i’m going to stop while i’m ahead on that one….
alex is having a full day.
-because he can’t handle his own spicy cooking. so he drinks too much water. so he’s full.

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