So my cousin Ryan has been working on a very cool project over the last little while, and has finally launched it just this past week. He has taken internet radio to a whole new level., although still in BETA version, is definitely worth a visit. Even if you aren’t the usual ‘internet radio buff,’ I know that you will find it useful one way or another. One week old, and already the site has so much to offer.
I won’t get into details, because really you need to explore it for yourself and see what you find works for you. I’ll just to go over the main features so you have an idea:
1) -and this is my favorite part so far… Right away when you create an account, you can export all your itunes song information and upload it to the site. Now, no matter where you are, you have access to your library information. It automatically finds your songs (and music videos) on youtube for your listening pleasure. (I wasn’t a user, but it also works with importing this library)
2) Each artist page contains overviews, biographies, available music lists, photos, lyrics, and similar artists pages. Hours of internet research, fighting with 10 tabs of different pages and sources, completely done for you. BAM. A click of the mouse and all you want to know –all there is to know, is right there in front of you. No hassle whatsoever.
3) Huge organizational props. The overall layout of this site is very well done. Not only that, but it is customizable to your own preferences. Visually, it stands out from anything else out there. In terms of navigation, its fairly intuitive and easy to get around. Especially for the amount of information it provides, the presentation and organization of it all is superb.
4) Everything you listen to (watch) is remembered, so you can go back through it and see what you’ve listened to, gauge your listening patterns, etc.
5) There is literally nothing you cannot find. If it exists on the internet, will find it.
In the next week or so, I will be converting all my Album of the Week song links from YouTube links to Eyeball links. With such a useful tool at my disposal, why wouldn’t I use it? Why would’t I share it?
For such a new site, user feedback is crucial, so let me know what you think about it! Comment in this blog, email me (, or leave your thoughts directly on the contact site. I shall pass any comments on to Ryan myself, and he thanks you for it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Go forth. Check it out. Explore it. Use it.
Enjoy it.
alex is having a big feet day.
what? they actually are huge. size 16 or whatever? when is the last time you saw a shoe that big.
yeah, thats what i thought

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  1. Josh M says:

    my band is on there. i approve! It`s actually a genius site!

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