Album of the Week #11:
Think of the last song you heard. Actually, go back and listen to the last song you heard. What do you hear? Music? A tune? Maybe some lyrics to go with it? Just one big piece of art.
Now lets break it down. There’s probably a guitar strumming some chords. A bass walking over the underlying tune of the song. Drums keeping a simple yet suiting beat. Maybe a keyboard or other instrument accompanying it all. But did all this go through your head when I first asked you what you heard? I didn’t think so.
What is interesting about the Marble Index is that their style of music makes you hear everything. In each song, there is a part (usually the beginning, but also throughout bits of the song) that do the breakdown I just did for you on their own. The crisp guitar chords define the song for what it is. The drum beat, in its unique pattern, sets the pace. The bass sets the mood like the lighting of a room or the background of a picture. The lyrics tell the story. But as all three are presented, they are as separate as the primary colors red, green and blue. Each one belongs, but stands apart from the rest. Once you have a grip on them, they are thrown together for the chorus (or verse, or bridge, it depends) and the song is made. You hear everything at once, but neither of them individually.
The best way I can describe it is that their songs are like a smoothie. You have your berries, your banana, your yogurt, whatever you put in a smoothie. They are all there sitting on the counter. You notice each of them on their own, but also as part of a group. The next step is throwing them in the blender. You see the smoothie inside, but you cant pick out any of the ingredients anymore. They are thrown together. You see everything at once, but neither of them individually.
Listen for it. You’ll see what I mean. And I’m not saying other songs by other artists don’t do this. I’m just saying that this is what The Marble Index is good at. link: The Marble Index
This Canadian bands self titled debut album was released in 2004. It was recorded in England, and took 3 weeks to complete. For those three weeks, the band was constantly getting sick since they lived in some barn with no hot water. Talk about living for your music. And really, this passion shines through in their music. Give it a chance. You won’t be disappointed.
(btw, look at the song titles in this album if you get a chance. Pretty funny when you know the circumstances of which this album was recorded)
Album Singles: I Beleive
Dav Suggests: I Believe, We Can Make It, Days Seem Longer
Other Songs (on other albums): All That I Know, Let Me Be The One, I Don’t Try To Change Your Life (Watch Your Candles Watch Your Knives)
Definitely tune in for my next blog. There is a new way to listen to music on the internet–and I am your source for finding it.
alex is having a small arm day

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