Everybody knows this season. The list of friends on Facebook chat seems twice as big as normal, everybodies twitter complains of stress and unmotivated attitudes, and the only conversation you have with any of your classmates is on repeat: “ughh, I have 4 midterms next week, 3 on the same day, and my essay is due the day after.”

This season is midterm season. If we were to define it in the dictionary, it would go something along the lines of:

Midterm Season, [mid-turm] [seezuh n] –noun : Usually found in the middle, between the beginning and the end of a term, hence the mid; a period of time where classes and exams intermingle, and the tasks required of students are seemingly impossible to accomplish in time; similar to seasons like fall or spring, differing only by containing no beauty or happiness whatsoever
We have all been there. We are all there right now. I mean, don’t flatter me. The only reason you’re reading this post is because it is simply a means to accomplish yet another 3 minutes of procrastinating. Hell, the only reason I’m writing it is because I’m only 811 words on a 1000 word essay, and I’ve run out of original things to talk about. (ha. ironically, my topic is on originality. inside jokes with yourself are so great)

So anyways, since you are spending important minutes of non-studying on reading this blog and unfortunately costing yourself countless wrong answers off of your next test as a result, I shall do my best to make it worth your while. (gee, after putting it that way, I really don’t think i can step up to the plate..)
First lets talk about today. Production day. As a film student, we get the day off of classes to prepare and/or shoot our projects. As much as I know you want me to go on about how my filming went, I shall save that for the blog when the final cut arrives on YouTube. Instead, I am going to talk about my acting debut. Not once in my life have I considered acting one of my strong points. In fact, not once have I even considered acting, period. But in need of some acting assistance myself, I volunteered myself up for an exchange. Act for act, performance for performance.
There was a catch tho. There’s always a catch. What I didn’t realize was that the acting role I signed up for basically determined how well the project turned out. The short film was based on a good performance. Great.
So, on the train to the shoot this morning, I memorized all 6 lines I had, thought about what body language I was going to use, and overall got a grip on my role. Did i mention this was a solo act? the only other ‘character in the clip is a tree. How do I bounce confidence vibes and get ‘in the scene’ with a tree?? Especially since I’ve never acted before.
When I actually stepped in front of the camera, all that preperation on the train vanished. 6 lines turned into a mumble of words. Body language turned into an awkward gesture here and there. Expressions were — in comparison for what I was planning were — non-existant. I did, however, learn in editing class, that a good editing job can save a performance. I just hope my friends can edit the s#!% out of this.
On a side note, I will be (reluctantly) posting it on youtube if i get the chance, so you can all judge for yourselves in the weeks to come.
Second (and last, as I am aware you all have studying to get back to), I just want to share a link I stumbled upon this past week. I haven’t actually confirmed it as funny with anybody else, but somehow it just found a way to entertain me. I’m not sure if it was the extreme state of procrastination I was in. Or maybe it was the ridiculous southern accent. Or the complete lack of grammar involved. Or maybe it was just how irrelevant every single video was to my life and everything I’ve ever been interested in. But it somehow really struck me as funny.
Scroll down to his older videos. Watch a few. I still havent figured out if I’m laughing at him for thinking anybody actually wants to watch these, or if I’m laughing at how proud I am that someone can make so many pointlessly awesome videos about his life. I mean, there’s a series of 4 where films himself in the mirror after getting his head shaved bald, and he updates every two weeks on how much his hair has grown. Seriously?? how has this guy gotten 14000 views on how much his hair grows??
It is beyond me. But I watched it anyways. Twice. So there you go. I contradicted myself, and answered my own question at the same time. But seriously, don’t get me wrong. I’m not making fun of him. I am plugging his channel because it was awesome. Just–awesome in a weird way.
Have I wasted enough of your time? Good. Now get back to work.
ps. I know that whole blurb about midterm season is total BS to some of you are taking real degrees and not something awesome like film studies, because you think I really cannot understand your pain of how midterm season really is. But I was an engineer at one point. I suffered through 3 midterm seasons, and I know how rediculous it is. I mean, midterms are just as hard as finals, except you have to attend class all day instead of having time to study like you do for finals. Believe me, that whole rant was a sympothy rant. and in no way am I complaining that film school is difficult. because in comparison, it isn’t. i just told you how i had to take the day off just to play around and shoot films!
tough life
alex is having a clean freak day. this is from observation, not him telling me. I woke up and everything smelled clean. and he was wiping down every inch of the condo. it was crazy

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