***Album of the Week #10:***
In the world of an engineer, or, to anybody with somewhat of a mathematically inclined brain, 10 is a big number. Even tho math has nothing to do with my blog, and I have left my engineering life far behind, I still think 10 is still an important number. Isn’t it? Pearl Jam, Sir John A. Macdonald, neon, the decimal system, the Vancouver Olympics…must I say more? Anyways, the 10th Album of the Week should be equally as important.
So, important is exactly what I am delivering. This post is about, by far, one of the most important bands Fyfeblawg will ever cover: The Tunics.
Let me explain how The Tunics are a very small band on the rise..
First. My friend Tom stumbled upon them in some internet game. A fluke find. (on a side note, this was before they released their first CD, and when it was released, tom was the 43rd (EDIT: 42nd) -thx tom owner of their CD from buying it over the internet. We really were among their early fans.)
Second, almost all of their popularity is in Europe, so a North American fan base is yet to be had. (ok ok, I’m working on it)
Third. They don’t even have a wikipedia page. Who doesn’t have a wikipedia page??
Fourth. Have you heard of the famous U.K. band the Kooks (~26 000 myspace friends)? Or the Arctic Monkeys(~171 000 myspace friends)? I expect most of you have. But the Tunics(~7 000 myspace friends)? No–but they are the other U.K. band that is just as good or better than both. And no, I do not know why you haven’t heard about them.
All I am doing is fixing this terrible tragedy.
Somewhere In Somebody’s Heart is among the (few) ultimately top-played albums on my iPod. Released in 2008, this album has already been catching attention all over Europe, and there is not a bad review out there. I mean, if you throw Oasis, the Arctic Monkeys, and the Kooks into a mix, add a ton of originality and awesome, how could you possibly go wrong?? Listen–
YouTube Link: Cost of Living
Listen again–
YouTube Link: Shine On
Listen a third time–
YouTube Link: Fade Out
And listen one last time—
YouTube Link: Whatever Happened
yeah?? OK. Go find the album. amazon.com, torrent it, whatever. And tell your friends. These guys ARE the next big thing, and YOU are on the cutting edge of knowing about them.
you’re welcome
—special thanks to tom for telling me about them—
—lol, —and for his west jet flight privileges—–
p.s. don’t forget to check out their Eyeball.fm page.
Eyeball.fm link: The Tunics
alex is having a tall day. he thinks he grew…..wait..GREW??? MORE????? i don’t believe it.

3 responses »

  1. aaronrgod says:

    I have tall days.Every day of my life.

  2. one of the best finds ever. =)

  3. bloggerx says:

    your very welcome my friend…and i have the 42nd btw not the 43rd

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