So, long time no talk it seems….bloggers can take long weekends too tho, right?

3 things to talk about today. In no specific order, and in even less relevance to one another, I shall begin:
1. Thanksgiving. Overall it was an awesome weekend. Partying was good, the food was even better. (juicy turkey that had a lemony way about it, wow, and then green beans cooked with bacon?? probably the best most unexpectedly amazing side dish ever). The only thing that could have been improved this weekend was how I felt after all the partying was done :S
–for the record, after 3 nights of being intoxicated in a row, your insides just decide to hurt. I don’t know how, where, or why. But ask alex. Or me. They just do.
—-and no, I did not say I am getting too old for this. because I’m not.
2. Batman. Well, my rant is not exactly all about Batman. Its about wow moments on Yonge street downtown Toronto. There is just no dull moment walking down there. There’s always someone forcing you into taking a book for a ‘donation,’ or giving out pamphlets advertising black history month or someone trying to convert you to their religion atop a milk crate. Or in this case, Toronto’s very own Batman. I wasn’t there to witness this personally, but now that I am a fan on Facebook, I think I will make a point of doing so. These wow moments on Yonge are a two way street tho (no pun intended). But I mean, you see a few, so you have to go make a few. All it requires is making someone passing by think “huh, you don’t see that everyday”. Like last night, for example. 2am, Lauren Alex and I went to Mcdonalds in our pajamas. Or, one of my better wow moment creations, filming this Psych Project for my friend Jay.

and finally,
3. I stumbled upon something rather interesting this week, and to no surprise whatsoever, Google is yet again responsible -they just have the craziest most useful ideas all the time. Anyways, this time its Google Reader. So it wasn’t enough they keep your Youtube, Blogger, and Email accounts all unified, but it also lets you organize your whole internet viewing experience making sure you are up to date with everything important. Let me give a few examples. You (naturally) need to know when I update a new blog post, but you don’t always check my facebook page for the link. Google reader will check my blog page for you, and simply let you know when I update it. Essentially, its an ‘RSS’ feed, for all you technologically slow people out there. (I know 99% of you reading this dont have a blogger account, but just saying–all your blogs you follow on a blogger account are automatically added to this list.) So then, say there’s another blog you want to follow that isnt on, say ThingsTakenLitterallyOnAWhiteBoard, you can add that to your list as well. btw, I highly recommending adding that link to your Google Reader page, its good stuff. That being said, I’m not here to tell you what you should add to your own Google Reader page, I’m just getting you started on the right foot. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how it is most useful to serve your interests.
well thats all 3. album of the week will be posted in a few days… altho, I shouldn’t have to remind you, because Google Reader will remind you for me. Right?
alex is having a pale day. kinda like, all canadians. all losing their summer tan and turn ghostly white for the winter.

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