Album of the Week #9:
I have a somewhat different style of album for this week. One of those follow up albums everyone makes the same joke about. The whole “that band had their time. they are just back to make money for drugs” joke.
I am, of course, talking about that bands in the 90’s that were part of the huge punk wave. Sum 41, Blink 182, Greenday, NOFX…the list goes on. They all have similar stories. Hit the top of the charts in the mid 90’s. Continue their success through the millennium change maybe. But then they disappear. Radio stations forget about them. They were only played occasionally, usually on special shows like ‘The 90’s at 9’ or other such examples. (and on a side note, can I comment how intertwined these bands become?? its like a bad sitcom. Members of Gob becoming solid members of Sum 41, Sum 41 marrying Avril Lavigne. Travis Barker playing on Avril Lavigne’s new album. Members of this band guest starring in that other bands gig. Etc etc.)
Then, like clockwork, they all start popping back up again. Greenday’s “American Idiot”, Blink 182’s self titled album, Sum 41’s “Chuck” and “Underclass Hero”, and finally, Gob’s ‘Muertos Vivos.”
Why am I writing about this attempted ‘come-back’ album from Gob then? Good question. I feel it stands out from the rest. Not because its better, not because I liked it more than the others, but because it was different. It was original. It didn’t label the band as a sell out. Greenday is the worst example. They sacrificed their talent of making good music to make popular music. Or maybe they just ran out of decent ideas, and American Idiot was just their attempt at finding themselves again. Whatever the case, I didn’t like the outcome. And I mean the follow up “21st Century Breakdown”? Don’t even get me started. (I could go on about similar stories about the other bands, but I’m trying to get to the point –and for the record, I actually don’t have a problem with Blink 182’s self titled album)
So, Gobs Muertos Vivos. It’s a whole new sound. The band went away and came back with a completely original idea. They didn’t try to re-invent their old sound. They didn’t try to stick with their old sound. They simply made something else. And, for me, that is worth acknowledging.
This new sound is a kind of darker genre. The lyrics are a bit more powerful than, say, their ‘Give Up The Grudge’ phase. The album definitely grows on you if you give it a chance. I’m not saying its the best album on my iPod, but when you are in the right mood, it is definitely up there. link: Gob
Album Singles: We’re All Dying, Underground
Dav Suggests: Face the Ashes, Still Feel Nothing
Other Songs (other Albums): Ming Tran, Bully, Everybodies Getting Hooked Up (Foot in Mouth Disease), 144, For The Moment (The World According to Gob)
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! –and can I suggest, for those loong drives home to see family and then again on the loong drive back to school, take a stab at one of my Albums of the Week. Take a pick, give it a listen, and see if you are able to enjoy it like I have. What do you have to lose?
alex is having a small ankle day.

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