So I’m going out on an edge today and talking about one of todays more controversial topics…

Twitter. Good or bad. –we all have an opinion, I know. The only difference is that I’m the one writing this blog, so this post is about my opinion on the subject.
Over the last few weeks, my view of twitter has been all over the map. Everywhere from thinking it was a stupid site for teens to follow Brittany Spears, to almost coming to terms with it only to decide I couldn’t use it because I didn’t know enough people on it, to being back thinking it was just a place where people mostly talked about what they are eating, and finally to actually seeing what it is good for. I credit this whole roller coaster to my Emerging Media class.
The turning point for me was realizing that twitter is the cutting edge for accessing new media on the internet. And since the world is becoming more and more reliant on the internet, it is important to keep up with it. Out of personal experience, I have come to the conclusion Twitter is good for sharing interesting links and occasional news articles with your friends. And the Trending Topics are sometimes useful for keeping up with the latest media buzz. The talk in my media class basically said that if you are creative enough with how you use it, a twitter account is a quick way to gain a following. This following could become a priceless network available at your fingertips. Lets be honest, those are some very convincing reasons get onboard with this service. I mean, its free, so what is the worst that can happen??
When you sign up, I’ll follow you:
Also, if you are new to it, check out this page, it will bring you up to speed on all the twitter language and functions.
Otherwise..what else is new…..oh, I lost my cell phone today. I don’t have a home phone line, and alex was out, and had his cell phone with him. So I had no way to call my lost phone. Then I had an idea. What if the internet could phone me? I googled ‘call my phone’ and the first website that came up was Sure enough, it asked for my number, and it suddenly called me. Of course my cell phone was just under my chair, but thats besides the point..-The internet just called my cell phone! do you realize the world of possibilities this opens up? Prank calls in particular. And thats just a start.
well thats enough out of me for today. Album of the Week will be posted friday again. Still debating on exactly what album I will talk about. don’t worry tho, I have a team of specialists working on it.
well, a team is pushing it. more like two specialists working on it. more specifically yet, my left ear and my right.
ok thats definitely enough out of me now. I am losing readers with each passing word, i just know it..
alex is having a sad, jobless, internet flash game addiction day. in his words, pathetic.

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