Album of the Week #8

Wow this is like my third blog this week. I’m popping them out almost as frequently as bad jokes, and for those of you that know me, that is saying something.

Considering my last few blogs have aired on the side of being rather long-winded, I am going [try] to change things up and see how quickly and to the point I can spit this one out.

I’m sure most of you have heard the song Chelsea Dagger. If you haven’t you need to get on that asap. That song is (stop me if I’m wrong) a song that you don’t easily let slip by. It’s presence in a room does not go unnoticed. It brings you along on a journey of carefree musical bliss for 3 minutes and 35 seconds, and leaves you reaching for the replay button. Those of you that have heard it know what I mean.

…and those of you that haven’t, well, you are about to join the cooler half:

YouTube Link: Chelsea Dagger

Don’t stop there though, because the whole album has identical traits. Every single song has that sound to it. The sound that re-defines catchy. The sound that makes you wonder how the world has gone this long without anybody already putting that sequence of notes together. If you liked Chelsea Dagger, and iff I were responsible for distribution of the album, I would put one of those “guaranteed satisfaction or your money back” lines here. Here’s the usual link to the page as well: link: The Fratellis

The Fratellis, with their debut album Costello Music, released late 2006, has been one of my most listened to albums since it was added to my collection. While pondering what I was going to write about it this week, I first thought I was going to claim it is much like my previously reviewed album ‘Video Sound’ by Winnipeg’s own Waking Eyes. Listening to them back to back though, I realized they had many more differences than I anticipated. While they are both very energetic, catchy and extremely aware of the limitless boundaries of how awesome music can be, this one is a whole different brand. They depend on the chorus of the song to catch your attention, to reel you in. Once they have this attention, you are a lost cause. You’ve hit the point of no return. I’m not trying to scare you off, I’m just telling you my experience, and with any luck, your experience as well.

Short enough for you? No?? haha. Sorry, I guess I can attempt writing a short one next time.


and because I am on a plane to Calgary at the moment, all I have is alex’ facebook status to go off of. Apparently, he’s “getting on it”


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  1. "blawg" makes me lol every time.

  2. lol dav i think i need to start editing your blog posts too. it's "presence" love…and sam i agree, "blawg" is very lol ;p

  3. fyfedawg says:

    guess i'm still an engineer at heart. bad spelling and all

  4. lifearts says:

    i like your blog. Also think of writing some thing are are a creative person.iam following you.ican be of some use to you.Follow

  5. fyfedawg says:

    wow. look at that terrible spam

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