I know all you all clicked this link just because you wanted to watch the video, but I’m gonna make you read my thoughts before I give you the link.
–(just an entertaining side note, but i’m writing this blog in class right now. My justification for it is that my prof is talking about blogs and twitter and all that, so technically I’m working on relevant stuff…right? yeahh, you gotta love media class)
So, we were given two weeks to make our first video project, and I used every single day of those two weeks. Preparation included everything from brainstorming idea’s, to working out scene locations, to transferring a few ideas to storyboard form, to having Shanna draw me a mouse (and then printing it on a tshirt), to finding people to act in it, to listening to my ipod for literally a week thinking about what song would be perfect for it. And thats pre-production alone. Then I had to set up shooting times, actually shoot it, edit it, find out some of it needed to be re-shot, reshooting, re-editing etc etc. Much more than you would think for a 90 second video that is going nowhere but to my filmmaking class.
OK, i’ll stop, and you watch it. before I influence your open mind and corrupt any chance of a normal opinion. here’s the link, and I’ll continue my rant after.
YouTube Link: The Maze
My first worry upon completion of this short clip is that it was confusing. Having come up with the idea myself and going through the motions of making it, I knew what I was trying to convey and what the story itself was way too well, so it was hard to judge it from an outside opinion. So far, I have gotten positive feedback tho, in the sense that it was followable. (is that a word?? it should be…)
I know it has that very ‘newb’ look to it, and is very rough on the edges. At least that was my first opinion when originally threw a draft together in the editing lab. Well, to be honest, my opinion was that I wasn’t at all pleased with it. There were a few parts that I re-shot and changed up a bit, but that wasn’t the main thing that changed my opinion. What did it for me was the music. Adding the music, and syncing it up so to flow seamlessly with the video is my favorite part about the editing process. I beleive this is where my strength lies, and the overall impact and experience is much more effective because of it. In the past, my (random, not at all rehearsed or planned) videos were created using the songs as a baseline and I put visuals on top that seemed to match. This time, I was working backwards, because I had a set story line and sequence of events that had to be shown, and then I had to mold music to that. Altho a very different process, it turned out equally as good or better. I think so anyway. The clip itself is still somewhat rough, but I thought the music masks that and lets you focus more on what is going on than my shortcomings from lack of experience.
One thing I am actually very happy how it turned out had almost nothing to do with me. It is the tshirt teja is wearing in the video. I asked Shanna (when I first came up with this idea for my project) to draw a mouse from the front, as well as the back. When these drawings came to me the following week, I was completely in shock. They were too perfect. I mean, I have been completely baffled by her skill before, but to actually produce PRECISELY what I was looking for with little explanation on what that was exactly, totally amazed me. I mean, look at these, how much more awesome can it get??

(btw, somewhere in that last paragraph I should have also said thanks to all the people that gave input and ideas over the last two weeks, -lauren -alex -etc. It wouldn’t have been what it is without those)
Ok ok I’ll get to the end of this, I just have alot to say alright? geez.
so..Where am I going with all this? Basically, I am just surprised it took two weeks to create something so short, so simple, and yet I am not 100% happy with the outcome. I expect over the next 4 years, I will practice and prefect this process, and will become much more comfortable with it. Let me tell you right now, during the hours of actually filming this, I was more flustered and unorganized than I have ever felt, and at the same time, I loved every minute of it.

My next project involves an exchange. That’s all I get for guidelines. An exchange. Anything, anywhere, anyone. Maybe throw in a few lines of dialogue, but thats it.

Ideas? Who knows. Give it some thought, pitch your idea in the comment section of this blog, and maybe in 3ish weeks time you will see your idea materialize through me and your name in the credits on a video almost guaranteed to get 2 or 3 hundred hits on YouTube! Its worth a shot. And I’d love to see what you come up with.
Well thats my blog for the day. Album of the week will be posted friday-ish, and it features (one of) my favorite find(s) in the last year or so. (I have to be careful how I word that, because my opinion on these things is very unstable haha)
alex, mostly so you know who this ‘alex’ person is, is having a ‘putting a black mouse through a maze’ day, if you catch my drift…

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