So I have an interesting story, and then I have a story that makes the first one sound like a very boring story. But I think they were the same craziness value. Thats probably just me tho..
Story 1: I was at subway today for lunch. (side note, but weren’t pizza subs really good back in the day? i was thoroughly dissapointed in mine today). Anyways, I was washing my hands in the washroom at the back of the store, I turn on the left-side tap, and the water came out cold. I thought, OK, whatever, its just another one of those places that has a bad water system and it takes forever to get hot water. No biggie right?. No. Today was different. A part of me wasn’t going to be satisfied with that answer today.
A small C caught my eye when I was turning off this left tap. It didn’t click right away….but…isnt the C tap supposed to be on the right side? I sat there wondering if i was going crazy. My first jab at thinking this through was that someone pulled a prank and switched the taps. But then I remembered my unpleasant experience with the cold water. And decided what the hell, there might actually be something going on here. So I reach for the H tap on the right side. I was actually more surprised than you think when hot water came out. It’s one of those moments you just have to be there for, and in the right state of mind to be baffled by it. This did make me think tho, how many times have I settled for cold water when the hot water tap might have just been hiding on the other side?? sad…
Ok, now for my second story: Have you ever just sat somewhere and wondered how the hell you got there? I had one of those moments today. One of my bigger ones.
Where was I? A board of directors meeting for Humber college. No joke. An hour beforehand, I would have told you tonight my plan was to go home, upload my new video project onto YouTube, and sit in my chair beside the TV relaxing and having a normal, uneventful night. But instead I shook hands with pretty much every important person there is to know in my college. Deans, presidents of this, heads of that, you name it. I don’t think I’ve ever sat in a room full of so many important people. And they were all just so excited to talk to me. I guess after having a program in the making for two years and finally just now being taught, it’s exciting to have a real live specimen (student) to show for it and tell you about it. I was one of only 4 students at this thing. The other 3 were asked by course coordinators to be there two weeks prior, but I was just a last minute sub for someone that was sick. No real reason for me in particular, mostly because I was just in the right place at the right time. I’m still a bit shocked I stood in front of a whole board of directors and talked about the last few years of my life and why I chose film school. Craziness.
Overall it was an interesting night though. I got to know my professors really well, and vice versa. Probably not the worst thing to have happen, considering I’m going to be taught most of them lots over the next 4 years. And to top it all off, we got a free jacket, bag, and amazing meal out of it. Oh yeah, and they paid for our cab ride back to wherever we needed. Sweet deal, I’d say, especially since all I had to do was show up, and talk for a few minutes.
I dunno, personally I think my first story is just as good. Maybe even better. You?
soo, my first film project is done today and is currently being uploaded to youtube. Watch for tomorrows blog, for it will contain links and my ramblings about it. Very exciting.
(btw, i’m not actually as stuck up as i made myself out to be in the first story, pple who actually care if the water is hot or cold are weird. i just thought it made for a good story….right?)
(…you believe me…….right?)
alex is having a ginormous day. –influenced by an elevator ride he took with 3 tiny asian girls. the walls in our elevators are covered in mirrors, so his hight over them was staring them in the face any way they looked. makes sense…he is 6’6″ afterall. not to mention asain girls are really small, so his wristbone alone was probably twice the size of any two of their ankles.

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  1. Josh M says:

    So I had to go check my bathroom to see what side the hot water was on. And then I sat down and forgot, so I had to check again. My hot water in on the Left…though I could have sworn it was on the right yesterday.Also, that's a really good point: how many times have I missed out on hot water simply because I failed to try both taps? All I can do is shake my head.

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