Album of the Week #7:

For the record before I start my blog, make a mental note to yourself. And be honest. If you had to choose one of the following choices, which one is you?
a) oblivious, somewhat stupid
b) averagely knowledgeable, or
c) quite knowledgable. to the point of being an almost know-it-all. I mean this in the best way.
got it? ok, i shall continue.

Now i’m not sure if this trait is common with everybody and they just pretend it never happens, but it happens to me all the time. It’s the feeling of stupidity; of actually wondering how much you really know. Usually its brought on by learning something major; learning a seemingly obvious fact. And when you ask around about it, you find that everybody already knew it. Hence the ‘seemingly obvious’ part of it.

–right now, you are just thinking, “wow, he’s admitting being an idiot right in front of me.” Well no, wait, keep reading. I’m gonna come out of this spiel on top, just you watch.
K, my theory is it all comes down to how many new things you learn, and the percentage of it that you find interesting. If you are constantly surrounding yourself in a comfortable box, where you have a good idea about everything in it, you feel confident, knowledgeable, and generally smart. On the other end of the scale, you could be surrounded with always new information. Out of that comfort box. But say this information is boring. It sparks little to no interest in you. You aren’t going to give it the time of day to process it, let alone have it make you wonder why you didn’t know that before. Right? Still with me?
Finally, there is the third scenario. You are out of this comfort box, constantly surrounding yourself with new information. Only difference this time is that you are interested in it. Like, completely soaking it up. Now you give it the time of day. You process it. You let it make you wonder why you weren’t aware of it before. Why you didn’t look into it earlier.
This feeling, right here, is obliviousness. It is stupidity. …. Think about it. what was your answer at the top of the page?
Phew, that took a lot more words than i was expecting. It was just supposed to be an introduction to my blog today. Don’t worry, i’ll keep the rest short and sweet.
And because I didn’t make the segue as obvious as I was hoping, I’ll state it bluntly. I was leading into the fact that I didn’t know Treble Charger is Canadian. How crazy is that?? I totally pegged them as American. Altho earlier this week I lost a 5 dollar bet because I pegged Morgan Freeman as a canadian. I really am oblivious :S haha.
So Treble Charger. Album of the week #7. I know what you are thinking. “Treble Charger? Really? Everybody knows them.” Yeah yeah, you all know American Psycho and Hundred Million. Don’t even lie. I might even give you the benifit of the doubt that you were a ‘fan’ at one point way back and bought their Detox or Wide Awake Bored albums. But you don’t really know Treble Charger. Sure those two albums are not bad, but I can’t help but feel a little bit dirty listening to them. I’m gonna say its like having the feeling of ‘dirt on your shoulder’ in the context that listening to the Backstreet Boys or Jonas Brothers is like having a dumptruck fall on you. Upside down. It’s just slightly too pop-punk for me.
But Maybe It’s Me, their first major record album released in 1997, has the true Treble Charger sound. Its hypnotizing almost. Calming to say the least. Nice and slow. Nice and simple. Just good quality music to zone out to for an hour. The two newer albums have this same basic sound as well, but theres something about the song structures that feel forced. This album just flows like Treble Charger is supposed to. There are some upbeat songs too, but they are similar enough to stay consistent with the album as a whole. Anyways, they are definitely worth the listen. you really drift off. Try it: link: Treble Charger
This link’s sound quality is terrible, but at least you have an idea.
Album Singles: Friend of Mine
Dav Suggests: Red, Mercury Smile, Scatterbrain
Other Songs (on other albums): Drive (Detox), Cheat Away (Wide Awake Bored)
I have tons of things to blog about this week, so watch for them. But this post is long enough, so I will spread the rest out a bit this week.
happy listening.
alex is having a day of wearing custom made duct tape clothes. don’t believe me? …
Proof. Haha what a crazy. (this was actually yesterday, but whatever. devils in the details.)

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