Quick post tonight. A new type of post. This one is more of a give and take post. I give you a topic to post about, and we all take from your inputs. Don’t worry I make my questions simple. Ok? Ok. Lets get on with it.

iPhone Applications: what are hits, and what miss? I’m not one of those pple that have pages and pages of apps to scroll through, but I have a few. Some I haven’t really found a use for, but it would be amazing if I ever did, like Mixology (a drink suggesting app) or Rimshot (an app giving your life a sitcom soundtrack if used properly.) If you are drunk, or according to my sister, a 16 year old girl, the best application ever is SmackTalk. I’m not going to say anything about it, because this application you need to discover for yourself. And make sure you are in one of the two mindsets mentioned above (drunk or a 16yr old girl.)
But all that aside, this post is mostly to discover what awesome apps people know of.
I’ll start…
The ‘must have’ app: Bump. Because if you don’t, you are a pain in everybodies ass that has it.
The most useful app: Shazam. If i have to explain that one to you, i disallow you to ever read any blog of mine ever again. ever.
And finaly, my favorite 3 games (in this order): 3) Geared, 2)Unblock Me, and 1) Rope’n Fly. The first two are just great strategy games, perfect for those moments you are bored waiting for the bus etc. and then Rope’n Fly because it is just like being spiderman! And spiderman is amazing. Right?
K, one quick mildly entertaining story before I leave you to comment. These apps are ridiculously addicting. So much so, on my way back from the airport tonight, I pulled out Unblock Me to pass the half hour train ride. The best way for you to really understand how ridiculous this story is, I’m going to use a visual aide:
I got on at the BLUE dot, my stop was at the GREEN dot, and I got soo distracted on my iphone that I didnt realise I missed it until the RED dot. 9 stops. Seriously, someone should start making those applications less addicting. Luckily, my phone wasnt charged properly all weekend and died on my way back to the GREEN dot. otherwise, who knows, i’d probably still be on there!
k well thats my part of this. I entertained you, I shared with you. Your turn. If you have an iPhone, lets hear what you found; what you miss train stops for. the ‘inputs’ button is right down there. like, right below this sentence.. see it??

4 responses »

  1. Tom says:

    dude i made you miss your stop! had i known i would have never introduced you to it.

  2. H.Peter says:

    I got a Blackberry……

  3. fyfedawg says:

    You just might have tom, but I don't remember ever seeing that game until I saw someone playing it in class the other day. But you don't have any other suggestions on apps?? i figured you of all people would have had a heyday on a blog like this one.

  4. Shane says:

    The best legit games:-geoDefense-Enigmo-Monopoly World Edition-HoldEm-AgeOfCurling (remember the days of curling in Psych on your Samsung? haha)Addictive time-killing games:-Spider-DoodleJump-iShoot-FlightControlUtilities:Convert (http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=325758140&mt=8)Of the ~2000 unit conversion apps available, this one is the best.

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