Album of the Week #6:
6? I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks already?? I’m surprised this has lasted so long without someone telling me to get over my bias obsession with random bands and albums that, for the most part, are not overplayed on the radio and get a life. Oh well, in that case, I shall continue having fun hearing the sound of my own voice, or, fingers typing rather.. know what I mean.
This weeks album is a feel good album. No, not in a lame way, like rainbows and happy squirrels in a park, but feel good album in the sense that listening to it puts you in a good mood no matter what. What, this isnt enough for you to go out and try it by just saying that? I’m not selling drugs here, I’m inviting you to listen to music! Much cheaper. Much more rewarding. Much legaller too I might add. Still not sold?
Ok. The lyrics are generally a party, ‘have fun’ type of message. The tunes are catchy enough to make anybody want to move even a bit. It just invites you into this world where no one is around and you are just nodding your head or airdrumming at the back of the bus. When the song ends, however, you open your eyes and pretend all those people aren’t looking at you. Not that I have any experience with this. But it happens. link: The Salads
Their second album, Fold A to B, is by far their best album. Up until today when I was getting my facts straight on wikipedia, I had no idea they had a first album. Hmm, perhaps I shall look into this now…
Anyways, back on point. Fold A to B was released back in 2003, and since then, has had major success on movie soundtracks (Eurotrip), TV comercials (labatte blue), and obviously, canadian music charts. I stumbled across one of their shows last year when they opened up for Gob in Toronto, and they totally stole the show! I now understand why their album is so happy. The lead singer, Darren Dumas (or Mista D as he calls himself in the songs) is probably one of the happiest looking people I have ever seen. Seriously, look how big his smile is:
They just don’t come happier than that. He was like that the WHOLE show, just having a blast. But yeah, for a garanteed good time, go listen to the Salads. I usually want to put this for every album I write about, but I actually am going to say it for this one. When you listen to it, really pay attention to the drums. They are so amazing (like in ‘Who’s that Kat’, or ‘Forever & A Day’), and it will enhance your experience.
Album Singles: Get Loose, The Roth Kung Fu
Dav Suggests: Who’s That Kat?, Forever & A Day, Whachewlookinah?!

Other Songs (on other Albums): Growing up (The Big Picture)
Thats my blog for today. Oh, and if any of you are interested, there is a brand new word in the world:
Muffin Hater – anything distracting on TV that prevents you from eating a muffin. For example, you are playing Gears of War. While it loads, you attempt to eat your muffin beside you. Mid-muffin eating, it loads and everything starts shooting at you. Here, you are forced to completely drop anything you are doing (aka eating your muffin) and run for cover. The bad guys shooting at you are the previously mentioned Muffin Haters.
True story. So much so, that I am putting it on as soon as I post this. And that makes it official!
k, well before I lose my train of thought (damn that sneaky train, always getting away) I’m off to do that now.
Until next time
alex is having a muffin-hater hating day

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