Yonge street, downtown Toronto, has always had its ‘wow’ moments, but this one was new to even me.
Friday night. Me and tom were on our way out to grab some dinner. As we were leaving the building we heard some dramatic yelling on the public balcony above us. We turn around, look up, and all of a sudden these two people dressed all fancy-like pull out these metal swords and start going at each other. All the legitimate cling, clang, duck, jump, stab you would expect from a crazy sword fight on tv. Except this was live, just outside my building.
I’m going to call it Shakespeare in my park. Well, it was Shakespeare, just, wasn’t exactly in a ‘park’. It was in my buildings concrete back yard. And I live at College Parks…so technically…
whatever, on with my story.
As I watch in shock this full out sword fight unfold, a guy from the crowd in front of us hands us a brochure explaining what’s going on.
Oh. Gotcha. So you’re telling me there’s 12 professional actors in perfect costumes running around reciting 2 hours worth of memorized lines in old english? Right here? Sweet. I would use some cheesy line right about now saying how you don’t see that every day, but I guess this is happening almost every night for the rest of the month.
We got there only for the last half hour, but we still got to see all the crazy climactic sword fights and story twists we didnt understand. Apparently there was live music to go with it, and certain places on the concrete wall had these crazy good chalk paintings to set certain scenes. All in all, it was well done, and definitely an interesting find.
At the end, they asked for donations and for us to spread the word. In my world, I am going to pretend lots of people read this, and I did my job by blogging about it.
Seriously tho, if you are in the area, its worth stopping by, even for a little bit. Check here for more information.
Otherwise, have a good week guys. I shall close this off with a series of pictures:

alex is having an unemployed, omg im in toronto, tired, i think i need to get my resume going, etc. day. take your pick

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