Album of the Week #5:
What a crazy week. My classes are all over the map. I’m handling 12,000 dollar cameras on tuesday.
My media teacher on wednesday said (around 11:45am), and i quote “How much longer are you guys scheduled to be here for?” 1:30. “Ya, thats nevvver gonna happen.”
Thursday, I watched Wizard of Oz, and that was considered 2.5 out of my 16ish hours of class per week.
And last but definitely not least, friday. I will quote one of my philosophy readings we based an hour long discussion on during class: “we have no clear understanding of what bullshit is, why there is so much of it, or what function it serves.”
My verdict? Film school is going to be amazing.
But thats not what I had planned out for todays blog. I have something much more exciting. Album of the Week #5. The Raconteurs, their name meaning storyteller, or anecdotist, were created by Jack White (White Stripes), and a few other semi-popular people in the music world.
In my opinion, their sound, overall, takes everything good from the White Stripes and runs with it to create something new. Their second and latest album, Consolers of the Lonely, is musically genius all the way through. Don’t get me wrong, their first album is just as amazing, but I’m the one writing the blog, so I get to choose which album i do. They play with time signatures during songs like its just another instrument. They climax a song with one single piano note being played over and over again. The drums skillfully find the beat where they should play, only to discard it and find somewhere even better. They have guitar solos, verse or bridge, it just doesn’t matter to them. Brass and piano are used as much as any other instrument, and still they pull of a top notch alternative rock sound. I could go on, trust me. But I will let you find out for yourself. link: Raconteurs

Album Singles: Salute Your Solution
Dav Suggests: You Don’t Understand Me, Five on the Five, The Switch and The Spur
Other Songs (on other Albums): Level (Broken Boy Soldier), Store Bought Bones (Broken Boy Soldier)
In other news….well, i have to show you something. Last week, I hauled 51 pounds of DVDs in a suitcase from calgary to toronto so me and alex’ collection was where we needed it. Here. Accessible. Organized. In such a way that I can’t help but show you a picture. because it really is amazing.
We won’t ever get bored. (and yes, we are watching Shaun of the Dead atm, if you’re wondering.)
Well thats my blog for today. I should have an interesting weekend to talk about in a few days. Until then, follow the yellow brick road. because because because because becaauuse…..
sigh. its still stuck in my head from yesterday.
alex is having a ‘cant cut open milk in a bag properly’ day.

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