Album of the Week #4:
This past week, I was helping my to-be roommate move across the country. I was at concerts with multiple chart topping artists. I was spending time with my girlfriend before I left to school for the semester. But what kind of priorities are those? I should have been in front of my computer, typing up last weeks album of the week, so that you, my dozen or so faithful readers would have an on-time posting of that. sheesh. I’ll just have to write two awesome ones this week to make up for it.
This first one today should be easy tho. The music pretty much sells itself. Catchy, enticing, different, and most of all, powerful. If there is any word to describe Raine’s side project, it’s powerful. The lyrics are artistic, and at the same time, make you think. The beats are original enough to get stuck in anybodies head for the day. And finally, the instruments and background vocals wrap it all up in an amazing and irrestistable way. There’s anything from guitars to violins to piano on here, all used in perfect balance with each other. One listen is all it takes guys, and you are hooked. Here you go: link: Raine Maida
Raine Maida, best known as the lead singer for Our Lady Peace, is responsible for writing and creating many of the songs you couldn’t help but love over the last decade, and his ability and experience really shows in this album. 4 of the songs were first released as an EP back in 2006, and a full length album was in stores a year later by the name of The Hunters Lullaby.
The project wasn’t complete yet tho. Raine had to take one more creative step, and that was in exposing this. Any other band would just playing gigs as much as possible and putting up posters etc, but Raine had an advantage: his name was already known, he was already famous. What he did instead was a fundraiser. He set aside one day to walk around downtown Toronto with a sign explaining his fundraiser and play on street corners. This news was all over the radio stations that day, since its not every day someone like that is playing in a subway station or whatever, so everybody knew about it. Thats how I found out anyway.
My day started out with my radio alarm clock going off, thinking I would just head through another tedious day of engineering classes. All of a sudden the DJs start talking about this event. And his next stop was a short bike ride from my rez. Right when I heard it, I said screw class, I’m going to see this. Turns out he raised over $22000 in one day for War Child Canada. Very cool. Anyways, I won’t go on about it, I’ll just give you the link to the video he made that day.
K well I think that about sums up what I wanted to talk about for it.
anything else….?
oh, an escalator ate my shoelace today. Very exciting.
But thats about all I have to say about that too. So it looks like we are done here.
alex is probably having a boring day. (don’t worry, the ‘alex day’ comments are going to get much more interesting when he finally gets his ass to toronto and I am not scraping for material)

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