I could blog about starting a whole new school down a whole new career path today. I could blog about moving back to toronto this week. I could even blog about how mind-boggling it is that the stripes in toothpaste always come out perfectly straight. (Seriously tho, how do they do that??)
But today I am going to blog about my newest Youtube video: Australia. Its basically my whole month spent in australia summed up in 7 minutes. I didn’t take that much video footage, and our trip was very ‘slapped together.’ In turn, naturally, my video is only 7 minutes long and is very ‘slapped together’ itself. Funny how that happens.
Now before I give you the link, I have something to talk about.
After hours of working on this video, finding the best songs for it and editing the video to fit each song like a glove, I post it on youtube. Youtube says “no, your video contains copyright material blah blah, you’re video has been muted.” Almost every time I post a video I get this message. When I do, I go back to the video editor and make adjustments on it, like boosting the background noise in the video, or slightly modifying the song itself so it gets past the Youtube detectors. Usually it works (like in my videos The Lost Shoes, Psych Project, Ali’s 16th, etc.) But for some reason, I just couldn’t sneak my video past this time. I even had this sneaky technique of recording the song being played in an echoey room, and using that version on my video. Scratch that idea tho, Youtube is still too smart for that.
This is not only frustrating because of all the work and time it takes to line up the songs with video, but its also frustrating because Youtube doesn’t realize something. Something I personally can’t understand why they didn’t think of in the first place. Or at all! If I’m using a song in my video, all it is doing is promoting the song. I’m not using it for personal gain am I? I mean, I’m just happy if my video gets a few hits. People are not going to be saying ‘hey he doesn’t own the rights to this song..sue him!’ Sure, maybe if my video got 10 000 hits it may become an issue. But with under 200 hits per video? Come on Youtube, give a guy a break.
There is a silver lining around this annoying little cloud luckily. I take my logic about ‘promoting the song’ one step further. How? I use only music that I want to promote. Music I want people to know about. Music personal friends of mine have created. Dirty Zane and Walking Backwards, two bands out of Cochrane Alberta, that were started by people I went to elementary school with, are now featured in my video. Also, Alphabot, a friend of mine’s band who is making its way into the Toronto music scene fast, is featured. Sure, there’s no U2, no Waking Eyes, no Oasis in my video anymore. But I think it turned out just fine without them. So there Youtube. Take that.
Here’s the link I promised.
Watch it..
YouTube Link: Australia
And just for kicks, here are a few pictures I liked from my trip.

Now just a few side notes before I go:
First of all, I lied. Oasis was still featured in this video briefly. but its just a drum solo. I really liked it, and I managed to get it by Youtubes electronic ears.
Second, there will definitely be ‘Album of the Week’ blogs for Alphabot and Dirty Zane, and maybe even Walking Backwards in due time. ‘In due time,’ meaning, once I put a few plans in motion to get my blog actually being read by a decent number for maximum exposure for them. (hint hint…spread the word!)
Third….well I don’t really have a third. Unless of course you want to read me wonder out loud why 2% milk is cheaper than 1% and skim. Or I could tell you an extravagant story about how a flight attendant did the whole safety demonstration in a Mrs. Doubtfire impression the other day. I’d probably not make you laugh like I’d hope, so I would finish it off with a ‘you had to be there’ comment, and start chuckling to my self awkwardly.
No? Ok, then I didn’t have any third side note.
I’ll write my Album of the Week blog tomorrow on the plane. It is featuring a very famous Canadian artist and his side project.
until next time,
i don’t actually know what kind of day alex is having, but i’m guessing its a “why arent i living in toronto yet??” day…
wednesday alex, wednesday.

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  1. Josh M says:

    Walking Backwards had a slight conniption when we heard our song in your video. thanks so much. it made out night.I'm following your blog now… not to be nice–i like your writing style.www.smugant.blogspot.com is mine.

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