Album of the Week #3:
I am a bit later this week for my Album of the Week, but its worth it. The album today is a special one. How would you put it, a hidden gem on my iPod. Hidden because only ever so often I stumble across it and think, wow, why haven’t I been listening to this all the time. And because they are virtually unheard of.
Megaphobe, released in 2004, is a truly inspirational album. All the way through, each song introduces a new interesting beat or technique, yet all of them have an underlying Projet Orange sound. The most unique feature of this album is its bilingualism. Some songs are all english, some all french, and even a couple that mix the two. Upon discovering this album, my music world boundaries were re-defined in the realization that music in other languages is as good or better than just english. The french, even if you don’t speak a word of it, is a beautiful twist on the usual lyrical art of almost all music we are familiar with. I can’t describe in words how, but you need to give this album a try and see what I mean. link: Projet Orange
Originally from Quebec City, Projet Orange was set in motion when two brothers decided to start a band. Aiming for a mellow british rock sound, they produced two CDs in three years. The first CD is completely french, and the second is a mix between french and english (mainly for exposure reasons, having only a fraction of Canada and the world familiar with french music). I have to confess, I do not yet own their self titled album they made in 2001, but writing this blog made me realize this is probably a ‘must have’ for my collection, and I have a tabbed window ordering a copy off right now. Just its nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Trust me, if it wasn’t, I’m sure I would have owned it years ago.
One last thing before I finish. I don’t know to how many of you this applies, but if you remember their single Tell All Your Friends, it didnt do the album justice. You need to listen to everything a couple times through to really feel it.
On that note, au revoir. Happy listening
Album Singles: Megaphobe
Dav Suggests: Just Before, Yeah Yeah, Impair
oh, and alex is having a ‘big leg’ day

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  1. big leg day? haha he has to explain that one to me…on the rest of the blog, i did enjoy this album on the way up to shuswap, kudos

  2. Rahul says:

    didn't the band break-up?Your blog is a great read btw

  3. fyfedawg says:

    Thanks!yeah they have broken up, a while back. Terrible huh?Wikipedia mentions some side projects, but nothing big enough to find too easily. I just forgot to mention that in the blog. Thanks for bringing it forward! It was another reason why I decided this CD needed exposure

  4. I am watching you, Fyfedavi… Why have you not reviewed our album yet?

  5. fyfedawg says:

    haha what album would that be aaron? lol

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