Album of the Week #2:

Think pure energy. Think unbelievable musical passion. Think four very talented Canadians.

Think Winnipeg.

….No, not the Weakerthans. I said energy.The Weakerthans will get their turn on here soon enough.

I’m talking about the Waking Eyes. The band that has all you can ask for. Amazing song writing abilities, equally spread talent and musical knowledge that most bands out there these days would only dream of, and still small enough so you can still see them play cheap shows in small pubs all around Canada. What else could you possibly want?

Video Sound, my second Album of the Week, has been one of my favorite albums since it came out in 2004. Front to back, it overflows with guitar solo’s that you can’t help but lose yourself in, vocals that grab you, shake you, sooth you, and drums that know how to make any foot tap along, and at the same time define the energy of the album as a whole.

While most of the albums song are upbeat and fast, some of the best moments are during the slower, more down to earth songs. They hit deep inside you and let you know this band understands music to the fullest. I can’t imagine anybody putting this CD in their car, cranking it, and not feeling completely drawn in.

On that note, I’ll let you go test it out and try to prove me wrong. It won’t happen. Trust me. link: Waking Eyes

Album Singles: Watch Your Money, The Beginning, On A Train, If You Know Why

Dav Suggests: Beginning, Takin’ The Hard Way, If You Know Why, Get Up Easy, Waiting

Other Songs (on other Albums): All Empires Fall (Holding On To Whatever It Is), Get Me To The Doctor (Holding On To Whatever It Is), Keeps Me Coming Back (Holding On To Whatever It Is), Trouble On The Patio (Holding On To Whatever It Is)

Just on a side note of how awesome this band is, 10 minutes away from my toronto condo, they held a free (well no one asked me for money anyways..) show in this small small pub introducing us to their latest album (definitely an Album of the Week later on) and afterwards, covering Weezers Blue Album front to back. Insane. Live music at its best I tell you. See them next time they are in town. You won’t regret it.

This link is them preforming one of the Weezer songs.–Cog

Over and out people. I’ll talk to you again once I’m not living on a lake. With a seadoo. And tubes. In beautiful 71 degree water.

…what am I still doing on my computer??



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  1. Josh M says:

    They played stampede back in 06 i think. Absolutely fantastic and memorable show. i bought their album the same day. still one of my favorite albums of all time. i haven't heard a think about them since though. where the heck are they now?

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