I had originally started this blog post with “I’m not sure what this world has against Alex….” and then stuff happened and I decided the world has it out for both of us. Well, not the world exactly.

To be a little more specific: girls.

More specific yet: Lauren and Eli, my girlfriend and my sister respectively. Ok, now I have your attention. What could those two possibly do to us for me to make such a statement. Lets start from the beginning.

Somehow, during the saturday afternoon conversation over lunch, it was decided that Alex’ eyebrows (for reasons that are beyond me) needed to be trimmed. Ideas like this can only be rejected by the victim for so long, and especially once Lauren got my sister onboard, are eventually inevitable. Its easier just to give in and be done with it. Actually to be fair, Alex was a good sport about it and didn’t put up much of a fight. I think this was just how I felt…later on…you’ll see :/

Sunday afternoon, the girls get started. It wasn’t long before they also decided to give his hair a trim too. He was just glad it saved him a trip to the barbers and 20$. Still tho, poor Alex:

Unfortunately this wasn’t enough for them, and my attempt at staring at this computer trying to write this blog (all i was really doing was trying to avoid eye contact. isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in situations like this?) didnt work. Before I knew it, the fingernail polish was coming out and I was the victim to that whole “eventually inevitable” situation I described before. I figured, whats the worst that could happen? Pink and blue with sparkly hearts and stars? How about going out into public with them? hmm. Sounds about right…..how embarrassing.

Actually, going to the movies that afternoon didn’t turn out as bad as I thought. Besides the few odd looks and double takes people gave us, and Alex running into someone he knew (yeah he got his done too. His hiding technique only worked so well), it went smoothly. I still don’t know how I only managed to find incriminating pictures of me and not him. His are purple and silver tho! I swear!

Even tho I was promised that they would take it off by today (monday), it never happened. I’m not too concerned tho. I’m on a houseboat for the next week, so really, who’s gonna care.

The only people that should care about me being on a houseboat this week is you. My few, and for the most part, probably imaginary, blog readers. But why, you ask? Album of the Week of course! Don’t you worry tho, the iphone has yet again solved another one of life’s problems. 3G network through my phone and into my computer (pretty sweet really) will allow my Album of the Week post to show up right on time: This week. Sometime.

I think that sounded close enough to a conclusion. Its as good of a conclusion as you’re going to get, so au revoir. Stay tuned for a nice, stubborn, and opinionated blog about one of Canada’s best bands next time.

Correction: Canada’s best band.

Told you I was gonna be stubborn.


alex, probably because of the nail polish, is having a ‘fat finger’ day


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