Album of the Week #1:

Name one good thing about Omaha Nebraska.

Nothing? Thats because you haven’t heard of The Faint. That’s OK tho, nobody has. In my opinion, they are one of the wonders of the music world.
You need more than just my word? Fine, let me explain (with more relevant and detailed reasons other than ‘because I love this band’) why I chose this album as my first Album of the Week. First of all, The Faint fit in so many genres of music that its impossible not to adapt them into your collection. Second, they are a word-of-mouth band. You only hear about them through your friends that know good music. Hence, my blog. Third, this album in particular has no weak link. Every song is equally as amazing as the last, so no matter what you try listening to, you will instantly approve, and come back reading my blog next week for more musical guidance.

Before I get into the nitty gritty details of this review that most of you will skim over, let me say one more thing. Every time I play this band at a party or work etc. I get at least one person come up to me asking what band is playing. BAM. Another converted Faint fan. No joke..why would I lie? Seriously, go check them out. link: The Faint
Danse Macabre, The Faints 3rd album release, hit the market in 2001. The album (name suggesting ghastly dance) is very indie rock, but has a strong techno influence. The two albums released before, as well as the two albums after, follow the same pattern, all with many unbelievably catchy songs you won’t forget, but none are as solid as this one. This list of songs defines classic; each song, unique in its own way, has the ability to never get old. And looking at the big picture, all of them flow beautifully with each other. What am I trying to get at? This is a good starter album for all you new Faint fans. It was mine.

Album Singles: Agenda Suicide

Dav Suggests: Glass Danse, Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat, Violent

Other Songs (from Other Albums): I Dissapear (Wet From Birth), The Geeks Were Right (Fasciinatiion)

Special thanks to Jason Publack for introducing this band to me years ago.
oh, and alex is having a _____ day. ‘_____’ because alex is at work and i feel like posting this now.

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