I’m back, earlier than expected. But this little experience was perfect blog material, and I wouldn’t want to leave you guys hanging like that.

(oh, before I forget, here’s the link to a YouTube video of the drum solo I was talking about in my last (first ;p) blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hphtK7kzk70 )

First let me give you an idea of where I am. After I lay the setting, the story gets interesting, I promise:
Think Victoria BC, then drive 4 hours away. From there, take 2 (not 1, but 2) ferries, to Cortes Island. To be honest, I’m surprised I have internet here. The only cell coverage I got was when I was driving around the island, and I happen to be on a high enough hill. My family was just looking for an interesting place to unwind for a bit. You know, ocean view, lots of nature, healthy food etc. This place is that, and more…in a weird way. So much more that I think it caught us off guard. There are no locks on the doors to these cabin/hotel rooms we are staying in. Most of the food is grown in a huge garden they have open for you to read a book beside a fountain in. But the thing that gives this place that really ‘out there’ feel, is that everyone seems like they are on valium, are serious tree huggers, and a little bit too high on this make-believe life they find out here, hidden away from the worlds realities. That could just be big-city me ranting, but hey, everyones entitled to their own opinion.
So, getting to the point of all this. While driving around the island, me and my dad stumble upon this sign off in the bushes: Wolf Bluff Castle, King Karl. There is no way there is some castle out in the middle of this creepy island.
This is only sort of true.
I wouldn’t call it a ‘castle,’ but more like an extravagant little boys tree fort. Sure, there were bricks, creaky wooden doors, and armor everywhere. But all of it was comparable to the fort I built in my backyard when I was 10 years old. The floors felt like they were going to collapse and the staircases were sketchy at best (there was one that miscalculated the top step, and had a make-shift two-stairs-ontop-of-eachother fix. you’ll understand when you see the picture.) There were scrap pieces of random metal sticking out of the bricks on the top lookout. The tables were not built to hold anything, and everything in there was a toy. No joke. From light fixtures made out of old aluminum foil pie plates, to plastic crowns and swords. It would have been fine if it was a joke, but this guy was being completely serious. “Oh there have been weddings here, lots of parties, and even a few movies filmed here…” Insanity, this guy. Talk about escaping the world and building your own reality on an island. Oh well, my pictures explain the rest:
(i’m including this link if you want to look more into this crazy story, but they talk it up like its the the greatest thing since Big Ben, so be forewarned. http://www.vancouverislandabound.com/cortescastle.htm )
Album of the Week next time. Promise

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  1. i'm still laughing…what a weird fellow

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