After a week of stirring over what my first blog should be about, I came to the conclusion that nothing is going to live up to my standards, and you all are going to have to deal with the usual blog with nothing special about it. Well, ‘nothing special’ is relative. I’ll still show and tell stories about flying drum solo’s, eating Nanaimo bars from Nanaimo itself, and I’ll most likely throw in a word or two about whats new on my iPod these days. OK, well lets get started guys, thanks for reading!
So the Blink 182 concert was amazing as a whole (as expected of course), but the one thing that blew it over the top for me was the drum solo. For those who know me, that’s a very common thing for me to walk away from a concert saying, but this time I don’t think I was alone. Pictures are worth 1000 words, and I don’t feel like typing out ‘awesome,’ ‘epic,’ and ‘insane’ one thousand times, so allow me to explain with the pictures taken from my iPhone.
This first one is just a veiw of the stage, to give you perspective on where i was standing (I’m still in awe that I was this close)
Ok, so now he’s flying. no biggie.
Add in some tilt, yeah thats pretty cool.
Oh, and did i mention the lights were going crazy this whole time, so we can eliminate any thought that Travis Barker might not be having the biggest adrenaline rush.
Now he’s completely verticle, the whole kit spinning clockwise in the air right in front of us. not to mention throughout this whole time he’s playing better than most successful drummers of today could hope to play.
If anyone wants to argue that Travis Barker is not the best drummer in the world after that, feel free to leave a detailed reason why in the comment section so I can roll my eyes at and shrug it off with a ‘pfff, ya right.’
Altho very sweet, that story is also very last week. Todays sweet story is Nanaimo Bars in the town of Nanaimo, BC. The town itself is quite a bit bigger than I had originally thought (pop 78 692). Finding a bakery that sold amazing Nanaimo bars wasn’t hard. Needless to say, it was the best bundle of butter, sugar, and graham cracker crums I’ve ever had, closely followed only by the homemade ones the girlfriend (helped me ;p ) make a few months back. Oh, and there’s pictures…woot:

I think I’ve blogged enough for one day. I’ll work on keeping the other ones shorter…possibly more to the point. But what are blogs for anyways? Rambling. Hey you’re the ones still reading, not me.
Quickly to Modest Mouse fans out there, make sure to check out their new EP No Ones First And You’re Next. Its amazing. And I didn’t even know it was out until yesterday. How terrible is that?
I’ll be back with starting my Album of the Week blog next time..
..oh, and alex is having a ‘how did I get mono and/or swine flu’ day. (inside joke, get used to them)

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  1. nice, you blogged about blink, and are coincidentally wearing your new blink shirt while buying your nanaimo squares ;p well done

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